Thursday, August 27, 2009

Semantics For Nuxeo (NTI) : Second demo released

Yerbabuena has published the second NTI version (Nuxeo Thinks Itself) of the Semantics For Nuxeo Proyect.

In this second sprint have been implemented these new functionalities:

  • Integrating Nuxeo Relations with Semantic Relations.

  • Possibility to add semantic annotations to File documents. Several of these annotations, like creator of the document, and also the relations among documents added at their creation or at Nuxeo Tab, are automatically added.

  • Possibility to navigate through icons in the Flex UI.

First of all, document semantic relations have been integrated with Nuxeo relations, so that they are diplayed as another Nuxeo relation more.

On the other hand, a new Tab has been created which allow user to add semantic annotations to a File document. As discussed above, certain relations are added automatically. However, the user may manually add any other annotations. This new Tab also includes a reasoning button, which will be enabled every time new semantic information is added, and disabled when all information is reasoned. The tab interface has two text fields (one for subject and one for object), and a menu with all semantic predicates. The text fields are implemented as suggestion boxes, so that posible values (already reasoned and stored) are suggested, according to selected predicate domain (for subject) and range (for object). Finally, a warning icon is displayed to notice which annotations are not reasoned yet.

As for the Flex interface, information has been added to the nodes of the relationships graph. This information includes the number of relationships that contains that node. Moreover, as mentioned above, it has been implemented the ability to navigate between the different nodes, both the current graph and the list of visited nodes displayed. It has also been developed the possibility of restricting the relations to show in the graph. Finally, it has been improved the visual appearance.


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