Friday, October 2, 2009

Document Management NTI demo available

Yerbabuena has published the last Docuement Management NTI version (third iteration demo) in its demo server (user: demo pass: demo) with these new features:

  1. New flex interface with a new “list-mode” relationships view.

  2. Better Organization and Tax Code detection during the reading of documents (contracts).

  3. Organizations and Tax Code detection after editing a document with LiveEdit.

  4. Anntations update through an “intelligent” popup window which search queries will only return results for the corresponding domaing/range of the annotated property.

  5. Automatically detection of Organization - Tax Code relationship, so that if a new document detects a Tax Code which is already stored in database, will take the corresponding stored Organization name for that Tax Code, ignoring the new Organization name.

  6. Tax Code validation when introducing its value in a “has Tax Code” annotation.

  7. Translation of all new labels (spanish and english).

  8. Improvement of the Semantic Annotation tab interface. The reasoning button dissappears during reasoning work, displaying an informative text (“reasoning...”). After all reasoning work, the button will appear disabled until new information must be reasoned.

  9. Confirmation popup after clicking for deleting an annotation.

  10. Improvement of the flex interface: When the user filters the relations by one or several properties, it automatically disables the “All Relations” option.


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