Monday, November 9, 2009

SCRUM as a value chain union methodology

In Yerbabuena Software, as in 99% of companies, we have very different business activities within the production or development. We have had some times that these activities have acted too independently. Sometimes, the account managers did not know what difficulties exist in the development of new products or production managers failed to meet the real needs of customers.

Today, these difficulties do not exist or have been greatly alleviated thanks to the agile methodology that we follow in our company, as some already know, is none other than SCRUM.

Why is it so? In this specific case, the most affecting is that of product demos, which are done as said in SCRUM at the end of each iteration, force developers to showcase products with a degree of completion and, as far as possible with a high degree of user focus.

These meetings include de account managers: they ask questions, approach to the guts of the products, know what technical difficulties are encountered in the way. At the end of the demonstration, the developers are listening to the account managers: how solutions fit to the problems of customers, what new problems are on the street or what are the perceived concerns of users.

The demos are becoming more nutritious. Both departments are fully convinced of its usefulness, and look forward to scheduling a new demo, to reach both customers and the community built the new solutions collaboratively with a clear orientation to the final customer.

When is the new demo of semantics? When is the new demo of our mobile client to access the documentation? When is the new character recognition demo from our document manager? Soon, soon ;-) The iterations are very short: between 2 and 4 weeks! Does anybody want to come? ;-D

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