Monday, December 21, 2009

Civilians for one day

Last Thursday we were more civilians than ever. The sun had not risen yet, and the only lights were the traffic from Madrid. We crossed the highway from the train station to the military base of El Goloso.

This base is where the Brigada de Infantería Acorazada "Guadarrama" XII is located. And among military frenetic pace, we were, to help them make their work easier by implementing our document management services.

We had breakfast in the canteen of the base, a pleasant enough place in which, as the title says, we were beginning to feel civilians :-) Through a door you could see how soldiers were getting in shape at about 7:30 am, some jogging, others with a pack on his back to the mountains and receive instruction in the Leopard 2 A4.

When the Commander arrived he gave us a pleasant welcome and showed us the whole base explaining each of the recesses of the organization of the brigade, my eyes have never been more open :-).

Throughout the morning we analyzed the processes and needs were document management can help. Collaborative processes for the development of documents, web publishing processes, semantic web technology, agendas, etc.. Indeed, we find that the Yerbabuena team can contribute much to further modernize this part of our Army.

By the way, for the battle tanks enthusiasts, at El Goloso they have a Museum you shouldn't miss.

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