Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Digital Signature for Nuxeo

It is often needed in a company managing documents to assign the identity of somebody (or any computer) in a document. It has been traditionally done by signing it with a hand-written signature, but it is impossible to do it when we have the document in a digital format.

To solve this we have the digital signature. This signature can be used as a normal signature: we can identify the author and tell everybody that we have read the document and we're satisfied (or not) with it. Besides this, the digital signature has extra features: it can guarantee the integrity of the document. In other words, we can check that the document has not been modified since it was signed and that it will not be modified in the future (without invalidating the signature).

Because of the rising importance of the digital signature, Yerbabuena has included in Nuxeo the posibility of signing digitally documents in the platform. Furthermore, the user can add a barcode to the document to find it quickly in Nuxeo.

Update (9th Feb 2010) Here you can download this feature packaged with a vanilla instance of Nuxeo 5.3.0. Have fun ! Share

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