Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nuxeo mailbox management

Yerbabuena has published a POP mailbox management service for Nuxeo. This service checks periodically the inbox of a default e-mail. If there are new mails, the service analyzes the subject field and cheks if it contains a default pattern. In that case, the email is identified as an email with attached files to be uploaded to Nuxeo. The service will capture those files and will create a File document inside a default folder in Nuxeo, introducing each attached file as content of each document of Nuxeo. If default folder does not exists, the service will create it automatically.

Every parameter, as email address (host, user, password), default folder, or default pattern of subject field of emails can be configured easily by the user.

NOTE: As the request of Patrek, here is a link to download a demo


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  1. It it possible to get/download this service?