Monday, April 12, 2010

Comparing ECM Systems (Sharepoint, Alfresco, Documentum etc.)

We get from Capgemini Italy, this comparison about DMS or ECM suites. Capgemini is one of the world's most prestigious consultants of Information Technology.

In it we find 6 of the document management systems most proven today: IBM FileNet, OpenText, Sharepoint, Documentum, Alfresco and NuxeoNotable absences are other major "players" such as Laserfiche, Knowledgetree (open source, made in PHP) and Oracle UCM.

Some details include:

-Nuxeo gets the Best Practice (full circle) for the cost-competitiveness. It is an achievement rather interesting, and more in these times of economic uncertainty, and it may very well be due to the use of the most open production model of all the contenders (LGPL License, no dual products).

-OpenText Livelink + seems to be the most complete and mature tool, but only gets a "moderate" in a category as important as price, positioning with Documentum ECM suites as prohibitive in price (this becomes a lot more important if we talk about the Spanish market).

-Sharepoint gets more than Nuxeo in terms of ease of use, something we can not agree upon. Experiments with users have shown that Nuxeo is more intuitive than Sharepoint, and even more if we get into the development.

-Integration: In the sections "Integrazioni con altri sistemi" both Alfresco and Nuxeo are below Sharepoint or OpenText, something also surprising given the efforts that both open source document management companies are making  in integrating the CMIS standard (Alfresco and Nuxeo), integration with WCM tools like Drupal (Alfresco) and integration with collaborative tools such as Open Social (Nuxeo).

Given that not all the relevant players are there, and already with these tools we have a fairly wide range and many values that opt for one or the other, we can conclude that today we got a really fun picture of document management.
Moreover, the trend in open systems such as Alfresco and Nuxeo is clearly rising, both in functionality and power demanding usage scenarios with several million documents and thousands of concurrent users.

Although ECM is not exactly a documentary Manager (but a little less vertical tool that actually includes/comprehends more specific tools as records managers, the DAM or Digital Asset Managers or WCM oriented to the creation and management of portals) in Spain it is frequent the use of Document Management and ECM interchangeably. This is done the same way as in some commercial products such as Documentum itself, who as an ECM, has a name associated to documents.

We can view this graphically on this image from the AIIM, in which in which there are different aspects within the ECM world, such as file management, web content management (portals) or aspects such as data entry systems (OCR, ICR, web forms, e-mail etc ...) .

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  1. Having tried Laserfiche, I am deeply disappointed with their support services, as well as the features of their products. I have now transitioned to an Enterprise File Transfer server and have decided not to go for an ECM system as an alternative to Laserfiche.

  2. HI Pallav, thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. I would still recommend an ECM system, as it is way more complete than a file transfer tool.

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