Thursday, May 20, 2010

Open Source mobile clients for Nuxeo

Finally, the application for ECM (document management), aimed at Nuxeo but extendable to any other ECM that adopts the CMIS standard, is available in Apple's App Store for iPhone mobile.
The name of the app is "ECM Móvil".

And we are making improvements to the version of Android.
Give us feedback, we think it's really cool!

We have released, in Morfeo project forge, three applications to access Nuxeo DM through your mobile phone.

From now on these applications are both free as in "free beers" and as in "freedom of speech".

These three applications allow access, viewing, search, digital signature etc. through your smartphone, with several operating systems: Google Android, Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Mobile Document ManagementAmong the features offered by these applications we must emphasize the viewing of documents through a browser built into the client, so it is not necessary to have previously downloaded an application to display each of the documents.
It also allows you to save documents in favorites, so we have at our disposal the most frequently consulted.

In addition, soon we'll add new features to the application such as digital signature, semantic (DM intelligence) and geolocation, through which we can:

  • Digitally sign documents as we travel (no need to print or open the laptop)
  • Automatically identify the different types of documents through content analysis
  • See the exact location where you uploaded the document (or where it was last edited)
  • Upload photos directly from your mobile phone to the ECM.

You can see more pics of the iPhone application, and the Android one in our Innovation Wiki.

Here you have some pictures worth a thousand words.
Document Management with Nuxeo and Apple iPhone:

Document Management with Nuxeo and Google Android:

All three applications are free under the LGPL license, available to the developer community of Nuxeo ( and for other developers from other Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM) like Alfresco, Sharepoint, OpenText, IBM FileNet or Documentum, thanks to a near-full employment of the CMIS standard.

The source code is available here:  

Yerbabuena Software does innovative developments in the field of document management and enterprise content management (ECM) with customer success stories such as BNP Paribas or I2BC.
Give us your thoughts!
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  1. A minor note -- if you try to build from source, the build fails because of the "LGPL" file in the res/ directory -- "ant" doesn't recognize that as a valid resource directory name, which is odd since it isn't a directory.

    In any event, simply deleting res/LGPL solves the problem and the build completes.

  2. rpjday, the problem is already solved. Thank you very much for your help.

  3. Hello, I'm using the ECM mobile client app for the iphone. The ecm mobile client is able to log in and see the structure of the workspaces and so on. However when I try to access a document the ECM mobile client pops up the message " this document cannot be previewed. What do you want to do?".'

    This happens with word doc format and xcell xls format.
    pdf en jgp are shown as expected.

    When I access nuxeo with a browser the it is able to show the document with the preview option.

    Anybody any idea?

  4. Jeroen, the reason why this happens is you need some sort of Microsoft Office viewer, which you certainly have in your computer (ie, Microsoft Office itself).