Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Together to conquer the world!

SANDEX (Software Andaluz de Exportación) has born. A group formed by five leading software companies of Andalusia: Telvent, Isotrol, Viavansi, Yaco y Yerbabuena Software.

This group, made with the support of  ETICOM and Extenda, intended as a bridge for five Andalusian ICT companies at the time of joining forces in the mission of internationalizing firms.
The group is made up and now counts with its first initiatives on markets to make a joint presentation, such as South America, one of the top priorities for the consortium.


Companies excel by being focused on Enterprise Software, and having common synergies not only in exporting together, but complementary services that have enabled them collaborations in various projects.

The image is taken from the news covered by, a leading economic spanish magazine. Share

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