Friday, October 29, 2010

Digital Signature, video Demo

The digital signature is (according to Wikipedia) a cryptographic method that associates the identity of a person or a computer to the message or document. Depending on the type of signature, it can also ensure the integrity of the document or message.
We can see in this video the definition and use cases, as an example of integration of digital signature using the Nuxeo Document Management:

The digital signature in document management increases its power, and that together with the benefits of signature (identifying the author, expressing accordance with the document, checking that it has been read, displaying the type of firm and ensuring the document has not been changed) we also have the advantage that the document may be signed in a collaborative way, linking a document and its signature process to a workflow.

Thus, within an organization (company or government agency) that has several locations, we can make a collaborative signature of a document, with people who may be in different countries, in a matter of minutes.

For example, a trading company or a deed of a house, which are contracts in which typically multiple people can appear and multiple copies can be made, can be dealt much more efficiently in a Document Management System in which users read the document and sign it from anywhere at any time, each comfortably from their computer (or even from a mobile).

There are many areas of application of this type of tool, and if a shipment (nationally) of an invoice (signed on paper) by courier can be a total cost of 7 to 12 euros (including working time + stamp + on + bills + printing paper), reductions in material (which happens to be 0) and an estimated reduction of 90% of the time of generating a digitally signed invoice (electronic bill) lets you make this task for less than 1 euro total cost. 

Of course a gain in efficiency not only in cost savings, but in control, security and time (we can better serve our customers if we send the bills instantly, or the contracts they need, etc.).

So, what are you waiting to get your company in track with Digital Signature 

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