Monday, April 18, 2011

Mobile Document Management: Interview with our Global CEO

On Friday an excellent interview with the CEO and co-founder of our company, Jose Luis de la Rosa, was published. The interview was quite extensive and very well done, and it explains the advantages of mobile document management and talks about specific use cases: examples of use in this technology and why it will be widely used and the short term the benefits.
Enjoy it!

Read the interview in English here (Google Translate).
Read the original interview in Spanish.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Intelligent Document Management: One Use Case, Putting all together

In this video we provide an example that sums it up for what intelligent document management is all about:

0. We upload a scanned document (a non searchable PDF, just an image). 

1. We extract text using OCR technology, and then w
e extract (using our semantic reasoning engine) relevant data (tags), which are keywords inside the document or just concepts related to the document which may not appear in the document but is useful to describe it. We do this using DBPedia, OpenCalais and other semantic web cloud environments.

2. The document type is recognized: contract, and in that type, the exact sub-type of contract. This feature can also be used with other enterprise document types, such as invoices, records etc. 

3. Based on the above, a workflow involving workers in the organization is started. The system can be configured to take in mind things like staff workload etc. to asign the reviewing/approval workflows to whoever is less busy and may perform the required task from a rights/operational point of view. For example, an invoice will trigger an "invoice pay/approve workflow" and documents will be routed to the persons that perform this actions, depending on data inside the customer such as "customer" etc.

4. We perform several (3) searches using the terms inside the image (full text search). This terms are like the EIN number (company number) and the ID Number of a person. 

5. We show the graph of the tags extracted on the document (relations graph).

There's plenty more videos, with automated invoice processing (using semantics, not just zonal OCR) etc. and we have this working in production in Spain's DMV, the Spanish Army, and large financial institutions (BNP Paribas, BBVA, Cajasol etc.)

This video summarizes perfectly a complete case of use of the entity-tag extraction.
This can also be done with a mobile client (we have developed one for Android-iPhone which is available here) and using then Geo Local tags to do cool things like finding documents which have been uploaded to the system by users close to me or by users in one particular region.

We can also improve this use case taking a picture with the phone, one click upload from the invoice and then the whole thing described before (1 to 5.) will take place, also like I said, with the geo-tag include. 

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Our On Demand 2011 Presentation

As we have mentioned before in our spanish blog, on Wednesday March 30 we presented at the On Demand 2011 event held at the global headquarters of HP our company and Intelligent Document Management product Athento.

In front of us, potential partners, VCs (Venture Capital, Private Equity firms) and Business Angels.
The truth is that the experience was very successful, the conference was packed and the audience were very interested in what we do.
Here you can view our presentation, we will refine and improve it.

Top100 On Demand Companies Yerbabuena
View more presentations from Yerbabuena Software

PD: The priority of the company in the United States is not to get funded ("raise money") or sell the company, but we are considering the posibility of the first.
PD2: The company has been experiencing in the first quarter of 2011 an increase of over 400% in sales compared to the first quarter of 2010. This definitely will be our year :-)

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Improvements on Alfresco


Edit (April 6, 2011): Just published today: CMSWire's intake on Alfresco's recent success.
        Some quick facts:

  • 470 — The number of new enterprise customers Alfresco added in 2010.
  • 1700+ — The number of customers Alfresco has sold to since 2005.
  • 70 — The percentage of Alfresco's clients that have 10,000+ employees.
  • 35 — The percentage of overall annual growth for Alfresco in 2010.
  • 500,000+ — The number of times that Alfresco Community Edition was downloaded in 2010.


More than two years ago we conducted a comparative of Alfresco and Nuxeo in which Alfresco came out beaten pretty badly.

As two years is an eternity in the world of technology, -Android practically did not exist, it was in the  1.1 version and had almost no market share as a mobile OS and is now the number 1, for instance- and Alfresco has greatly improved as a product and community, it seems appropriate to make an article recognizing these merits:

-Support for CMIS. Alfresco has been among the first products (along with Nuxeo) in supporting the CMIS standard. Nuxeo is also the first product Nuxeo DAM (Digital Asset Management, referring generally to multimedia) to support this standard that we have been speaking several times in this blog.

-Mobile Apps. Since long ago there was  a mobile client released (for iPhone in its first version) called Freshdocs. We made (and published the code) a product named ECM Mobile, in this case also using CMIS, and we have included in the demo version the repositories for Nuxeo and Alfresco. You can see a complete list of mobile clients of Alfresco in Toni de la Fuente's blog.

-Support for Digital Signature. Many companies including Zylk, a company with whom we have collaborated offer digital signature solutions for Alfresco.

-Community: An active community working on an open source version of Alfresco called Alfresco Community. Some relevant data:

     * Community size: 140,000 people over 70,000 active and permanent installations of Community version (Alfresco Community)
     * Downloads: 2.3 million (about 35,000 per month)

-Partners (App builders and system integrators): A broad ecosystem of partners that make up the product, build modules or directly carry out vertical solutions using Alfresco below, with functionality and modules of all kinds, including Activiti BPM, optical character recognition (OCR) etc. . Something similar to what we've done with HUGO, an issue tracker based on Nuxeo, or different modules such as OCR, Digital Signature or mobility, already mentioned.

Cloud computing and SaaS. Cloud Computing deployments complete the OnPremise traditional mode (and Alfresco also sells the product in SaaS, software as a service).

In short, Alfresco and Nuxeo open source products are becoming more powerful, stable and mature.
And in our opinion, very valid alternative and a "sixth reason" why we do not recommend using other proprietary products such as Sharepoint 2010.

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