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Improvements on Alfresco


Edit (April 6, 2011): Just published today: CMSWire's intake on Alfresco's recent success.
        Some quick facts:

  • 470 — The number of new enterprise customers Alfresco added in 2010.
  • 1700+ — The number of customers Alfresco has sold to since 2005.
  • 70 — The percentage of Alfresco's clients that have 10,000+ employees.
  • 35 — The percentage of overall annual growth for Alfresco in 2010.
  • 500,000+ — The number of times that Alfresco Community Edition was downloaded in 2010.


More than two years ago we conducted a comparative of Alfresco and Nuxeo in which Alfresco came out beaten pretty badly.

As two years is an eternity in the world of technology, -Android practically did not exist, it was in the  1.1 version and had almost no market share as a mobile OS and is now the number 1, for instance- and Alfresco has greatly improved as a product and community, it seems appropriate to make an article recognizing these merits:

-Support for CMIS. Alfresco has been among the first products (along with Nuxeo) in supporting the CMIS standard. Nuxeo is also the first product Nuxeo DAM (Digital Asset Management, referring generally to multimedia) to support this standard that we have been speaking several times in this blog.

-Mobile Apps. Since long ago there was  a mobile client released (for iPhone in its first version) called Freshdocs. We made (and published the code) a product named ECM Mobile, in this case also using CMIS, and we have included in the demo version the repositories for Nuxeo and Alfresco. You can see a complete list of mobile clients of Alfresco in Toni de la Fuente's blog.

-Support for Digital Signature. Many companies including Zylk, a company with whom we have collaborated offer digital signature solutions for Alfresco.

-Community: An active community working on an open source version of Alfresco called Alfresco Community. Some relevant data:

     * Community size: 140,000 people over 70,000 active and permanent installations of Community version (Alfresco Community)
     * Downloads: 2.3 million (about 35,000 per month)

-Partners (App builders and system integrators): A broad ecosystem of partners that make up the product, build modules or directly carry out vertical solutions using Alfresco below, with functionality and modules of all kinds, including Activiti BPM, optical character recognition (OCR) etc. . Something similar to what we've done with HUGO, an issue tracker based on Nuxeo, or different modules such as OCR, Digital Signature or mobility, already mentioned.

Cloud computing and SaaS. Cloud Computing deployments complete the OnPremise traditional mode (and Alfresco also sells the product in SaaS, software as a service).

In short, Alfresco and Nuxeo open source products are becoming more powerful, stable and mature.
And in our opinion, very valid alternative and a "sixth reason" why we do not recommend using other proprietary products such as Sharepoint 2010.

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