Friday, September 30, 2011

All Your Company Documents over Several Repositories And Just One App For Your Smartphone

ECM Mobile WebApp is a Smartphone application which allows companies with several repositories access to all its documents through a single mobile app.”

According to AIIM, 5% of 65.000 interviewed companies have declared as one of their priorities the access to content on mobile devices (State Of The ECM Industry 2010), besides this, “Gartner Highlights Key Predictions for IT Organizations and Users in 2010 and Beyond” estimates that mobile usage will surpass desktop web usage by 2013.
Enterprise's world has been struck by mobile expansion.

Lots of ECM providers are already working to get access to content and documents using mobile devices. There are at least twenty different mobile clients developed to cover that service for the main ECM platforms. In fact, Athento has an advanced mobile client for Nuxeo DMS. The problem with many existing applications is that in the real world, big companies do not work with a single repository.

The reasons why many companies work with several repositories are different. Some companies didn't do a thorough planning by the time they faced the paperless challenge. In other cases, CEO changed and with them the repositories used or simply, technological investment decisions are not centralized. It's also possible that specific requirements of different departments have forced having several content management platforms, each one with different features.

Anyway, the reality is the same for that companies, whatever their reason to have several repositories are. They can't have a single mobile client for accessing content if they have many ECM platforms.

Luckily, CMIS has come to open new possibilities and nowadays developers are working to get mobile apps become compatible with any repository. So, if the repository implements this standard, apps will be able to connect with it.

Athento is known for adding functionality to other repositories, so, it can't let this company's problem pass. The ECM Mobile WebApp was launched few days ago. This app is available for Android and iOS (Apple devices) and it's also in developing for Blackberry OS.
ECM Mobile WebApp can be set up for access to multiple repositories that implement CMIS.

ECM Mobile WebApp Features

Setup for accessing multiple repositories
Quick access from device's desktop without doing login over and over again.
Searching documents within repository
Creating new folders
Creating quick notes
Downloading any kind of content
Global searching tool
Local searching tool
Tagging like “Favourite” for quick access to frequent documents (Bookmarks)

Technical Requirements
Android 2.2 and further upgrades
Android Tablets
iOS (iPhone, iPAD)
Under developing for Blackberry OS

Repository compatibility

Nuxeo 5.3.2 and further versions
Alfresco from 3.2 release
Documentum from release 6.7
OpenText ECM 10 and further upgrades
SharePoint Server 2010 and further upgrades
KnowledgeTree from release 3.7
IBM FileNet P8 and further upgrades

ECM Mobile WebApp is compatible with any CMIS repository.

Edit: Written and translated by Verónica Meza in our blog in spanish.

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