Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Athento has now a 98% accuracy rate auto-classifying documents

Last week, our engineers improved Athento's accuracy rate auto classifying documents, from 96% to 98%. Athento overtakes other solutions like ECM Captiva, Kofax Capture or Ephesoft with this new accuracy achievement in document recognition and classification.

For Yerbabuena that's only a figure, but for our clients, that means an increase on savings.

Let's see it with an example. Consider the following data

Daily Document Input
200 documents per day
Average time spent recognizing and classifying documents
5 minutes/document
16,67 work hours per day
Hourly rate of pay
10 dollars

Cost working with paper
Cost at 96% accuracy rate
Cost at 98% accuracy rate
Annual difference between rates (in dollars)
40.008 dollars/year
3199,9 dollars/year
1599,9 dollars/year
1,600 dollars/year

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