Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4 Ways to Optimize the Secure Access to My Documents with Athento

Athento offers you integration with a range of technology possibilities which improve the comfort and the secure access to your documents. Single Sign On, LDAP and HTTPS, are some of them.”

Employees seldom use only one application, and you must manage users, passwords and other things for each one of those new applications. LDAP is a “Directory of Users” which help us to solve this problem. Having a unique user and password for all the applications we are using saves time and problems to employees and system departments. With Athento we can take advantage on LDAP twice, not only allowing that the employee has the same access data to the program than the rest of applications but we can create new users who write in the LDAP directory through Athento. Our DMS can work with implementations of this protocol like OpenLDAP, ActiveDirectory of Microsoft, Oracle LDAP amongst other.

When we are surfing on the Net a lot of information is transmitted, like passwords or other personal data, which we do not want to be intercepted and read. Https uses SSL security certificates which encrypt the information transmitted, being almost impossible to decode it without the key that those certificates provide. We can access Athento with this secure protocol to protect our user data and of course, our documents at the end.

Single Sign On (SSO, Unique Login)
With LDAP we solve the problem of having multiple users and passwords, but we must login several times every day when we want to access a different application. SSO allow us, with an unique authentication action, accessing to the multiple applications and systems we are authorized to login. With Athento, we can use SSO systems like OpenAM, NTLM, Shibboleth amongst other.

How many times have we left our sessions open? An error like this means offer to anybody all the information we can access. Time-outs avoid this problem, because we can say to the system that after an idle time it must logout our session automatically. The most of the modern systems and applications allow to configure time-outs, and Athento is one of then.

Definitely, a lot of options, with all of them you can get a high level of security in the document management of your company.

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