Thursday, January 19, 2012

Athento takes a step forward helping e-learning companies

"Yerbabuena Software will soon release the source code of the integration between Nuxeo 5.4.2 and Moodle 2.1, we are going to see some of their benefits and features"

The problem of the companies involved in e-learning or of the departments which are planning training actions is that it generates a big amount of didactic materials which are updated frequently and must be shared with students or with other teachers. Ensuring non-lost of the material, finding a concrete text among many really fast, versioning the material and facilitating the access to a members team is the definition of documental management in the scope of e-learning.

Our engineers have took an important step towards doing these tasks easier with the integration of Nuxeo 5.4.2 and Moodle 2.1 (and version 1.9 but it has less features) using the standard CMIS.

Moodle is perhaps one of the most important 'web based' learning platforms nowadays. This Open Source tool has now more than 72.000 registered sites. Among their users we have the 'Berkeley University',and the 'De Anza College', among others. Moodle allows you to create courses, enrolling students, sharing material, using forums and a wide range of collaborative tools very useful in the education.

Benefits of the integration:
  • Creating courses quickly and efficiently: A course normally has basic training material or resources. With the integration, we can create templates of courses in Nuxeo ("Templates") which will be used later from Moodle for creating the different versions quickly. That helps us always have an updated material for the courses as well, because we only have to update the documents of the template and all the courses created will be have updated resources.
  • Avoiding lost of training material: All the material of the institution or of the training actions can be saved in Nuxeo. When we want to add material to some course in Moodle, our integration gives us the opportunity of surfing Moodle by the directory tree of Nuxeo and adding any document inside the content manager into the course. This way, we ensure all the documents are in the same place and kept safe under our content manager (ECM).
  • Better control over the students activity: For each activity created in the course in Moodle, Nuxeo creates a folder with the name of the activity. Inside this folder other subdirectories will be created with the name of the students that do the activity. This folder will have the documents attached by the student. We keep a unique structure for the documentation generated by the students and, of course, for its preservation in the long-term.
  • More speed finding documents: Needless to say the search engine of Nuxeo is far more powerful than the one of Moodle, so in the long-term or in courses with big amount of material it's easier to find a concrete document than if you saved all in a DropBox or a hard disk. Finding documents efficiently promotes the reusing of resources, which results on overall increase of efficiency.

Integrating Moodle with Nuxeo through CMIS, we are getting closer that this will be a feature of Athento itself, independently the documental manager used as a repository.

We will soon release the code of the integration so everybody can enjoy the benefits of Moodle and Nuxeo.



  1. Hello,
    following your anouncment on january 20th on your blog, I would like to know if you achieved the integration beetween Moodle and Nuxeo and if you intended to publish it.
    Thank you very much for your reponse
    Céline Perves - Informatic Direction of University of Strasbourg - developer

    1. Dear Cèl,
      This integration between Nuxeo 5.4.2 and Moodle 2.1 is not available to download as open source yet. We're planning to release it soon.You will be able to download it from our marketplace next September. However, we can provide you a deployment service of the plug-in and, if you are interested, the corresponding support service.

      If you have more questions please let us know using this form

    2. Dear Cèl,

      I am glad to inform you that this integration is now available and it can be purchased and downloaded from our Marketplace ( ). I recommend you to hurry up because right now It only cost 10€, but this price will be increased soon.