Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ECM Mobile Advanced: Taking Mobile DM to another level

"ECM Mobile Advanced is a mobile client developed for Athento. Geolocation of documents, publication using Twitter, QRmcodes and search of documents by voice are some of its features"

Aware of the growing importance of mobility within content management, our technicians are working on a new client for Smartphones. Besides ECM Mobile (native app for Android) and ECM Mobile WebApp (Web-based client), our engineers have developed ECM Mobile Advanced, a mobile client that goes two steps beyond the current capabilities in terms of ECM applications for mobile devices.

We describe some of its features.

  • Capture documents via your Smartphone camera: Fast and simple. You take a picture with your phone and upload to the repository. Ideal for mobile workforce and sales representatives who have to move from place to place and need a quick way to upload documents to the DMS. 

  • Geolocate your documents: Using the internal GPS on your Smartphone, ECM Mobile Advanced is capable of adding the exact coordinates to documents of where it had been created. The next time you need to find a document you will do so with a map from Google maps, or clicking in the tab "Nearby Docs" which will show you based on your location, documents that were created within an indicated radius.

  • Share documents: Want to share a document with a colleague? Send a link to the document via Twitter! Do not have Twitter account? Send it to your colleague via e-mail. Want more? Mobile ECM  Advanced can transform the location of a document into a QR code that you just have to send to whoever you want and its receptor may, via their mobile scanner, converted to a URL from which to view that document.

  • Find your documents using your voice: If you are someone who doesn't like clicking from folder to folder, use the microphone on your phone and find the document saying its name.

As you see, an app completely built to quickly and easily provide Smartphone users who need to carry access to your repository in your pocket and everywhere. Our ECM Mobile Advanced will soon be available in the Android Market.
Compatible with Nuxeo 5.3.2 and above. Also compatible with Alfresco, Sharepoint, Documentum or FileNet using the CMIS standard.

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