Saturday, February 4, 2012

Malaga Valley: Company Map

A few days ago was published on the website of Open for Business a technology roadmap
A few days ago in the Open for Business website a technological map  of the "Málaga Valley" companies.
Along with multinationals such as Oracle or China's Huawei, mid-sized companies as AT4Wireless, Novasoft and startups as ARPA Solutions, Aenea or our Yerbabuena Software.
The map is in the style of the Silicon Valley company map, of which there are several editions, calendars etc.
It really is an ecosystem that we should promote, with a strong University and an infrastructure superior to that of Silicon Valley, by far in the railway system, which is a disaster in Silicon Valley.

An exciting environment with great potential and that Yerbabuena is proud to be part of.

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