Friday, March 9, 2012

Executive Briefing: The Paper Free Office - Dream or Reality?

After attending the webinar arranged by the global community of information professionals (AIIM), we can answer that we are gradually coming to the achievement of the ECM dream. Worldwide, a paperless office begins to take shape, specially, at large corporations’ level.

As seen in the webinar, companies use a 15% on average of their office space to store paper documents. This percentage is even higher (>35%) for a significant amount of them. What is avoiding a real paper free office? The AIIM research emphasizes on several items from ECM which should / could be improve in order to dramatically reduce paper use.

Capture maturity
The image capture is still in its very early stages. This action is often performed to file images whereas data capture and extraction from images and further use of them in other tasks are not usual. Why? Lack of useful tools? Lack of habit? Strikingly, the 32% of companies receives the 30.6% of invoices in pdf format, 77% of them going to be printed. This necessity may disappear with a good document management able to identify symbols and characters from an image and then to store them as a data form. So, we can search specific content, classify an invoice, etc…

Inbound mail
The 20% on average of companies usually scans the half or more of their inbound mails with the aim of storing and use them in other tasks. However, companies are becoming to realize of the lack of productivity derived from this procedure. So, if they could somehow automate these tasks, the 61% of such entities thinks that they would achieve a 25% improvement in their productivity.

ECM outsourcing is thought not to be an additional saving compared to in-house ECM by more than 50% of worldwide companies. However, only European companies still possess forward plans regarding outsourcing.

Mobile capture
By employee role, travelling managers, sales, delivery and transport professionals are the main users of mobile ECM systems. The 38% of employees uses mobile devices to capture images; only the 6% of them by means of smart-phones, and even a less percentage, 4%, using the software OCR.

Additionally in this section, there was shown how strikingly low is the percentage of the surveyed people (21%) performing digital signing.

Security, lost devices and coverage are among the problems found in mobile devices users. On the other hand, mobile capture improvements, data availability, more acuracy and paper out of process are the main advantages regarding to mobile/portable capture projects.  

Cloud ECM
The strategy for capture deployment is still inmature and only the 12% of companies shows to committed to cloud capture in the next months. Largest companies are leading this transition.

Paper free office, dream or reality? In any case, ready to wake up.

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