Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On-line Document Edition: Athento & GoogleDocs Integration

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Nowadays, collaborative work is not only important, it has become mandatory. We work on documents that other colleagues will edit, contribute or just review.

But as collaborative work is a reality itself, its difficulties are also real. Let's put an example: Corporate Presentations. It's almost impossible to see the same things in terms of layout, design etc. with your Keynote presentation (Apple) than what I see with my Open Office Presentations. And also, it's a problem for my boss, he's using Power Point in his Windows PC. We spend half of our time adjusting bugs produced by format changes.

Here is where the AthentoGoogle Docs integration appears. We can stop the concern about what kind of office suite, devices, or operative systems we use. But this integration allows you much more:

  • You don't have to download documents before editing them
  • You don't risk to loose your work, because of Google Docs autosave feature.
  • Collaborative work is possible 24 hours, from everywhere. 
But the best part: You can track every change made on a document. Who edit it and when are saved in the document history. 

GoogleDocs integration is available in our Cloud Company version and also in our Enterprise version of Athento.

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