Monday, August 27, 2012

Online edition of documents: Athento and Google Docs Integration

In current times, teamwork and partnership are pivotal to securing the future of a company. The drafting of technical documents or the requirement of expertise often pushes companies to hire-help or work alongside like minded companies.

Often it can be difficult to integrate out of house service providers. As they must have access to the companies network, user rights and the typical long list of problems caused by incompatibility in document formats and operating systems. F
or example, as you work with Keynote on your Mac, and I use Open Office Presentations on Ubuntu and a partner uses Power Point on their PC. When we meet to deliver our presentations our time will be consumed by incompatibility issues!

Athento solves this problem by integrating itself with GoogleDocs! Regardless of your operating system or device, with Athento all work will be compatible. Other advantages include:

     * No need to download documents.

     * The document is accessible on any device or computer 24 hours a day.
     * GoogleDocs automatically saves your work for you.

Best of all: you can keep track of all versions of a document. All editions and contributors are saved in the document history!

Contact us now and improve how your company manages its documents!

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