Monday, September 17, 2012

Athento Capture: Advanced Document Capture

With large digitization projects and the need for many companies to streamline their nutrition management systems (ERP, CRM, business intelligence software, human resource software and contract management software) with data from documents, or simply increase the accuracy and reliability of the data (as the information entered manually has a high error rate) of advanced document capture charges indisputable value. 

Unfortunately, for too long document capture software has been little implemented because of the requirements of high technical expertise and above all, it was terribly expensive. Today, most companies on the market that sell capture solutions are for integration with Document Management Systems and other management software. Document capturing have always been considered a key functionality of an ECM system (Enterprise Content Management).

The non-functional requirements of Athento´s Capture software have been to focus on increasing the ease of use and learnability of the product. We believe after extensive testing that Athento´s Capture meets the high standard we set out to achieve.

Athento Capture includes a series of process-oriented functions that can performed on an image and can help companies to perform tasks such as document recognition and classification, separation of batches of documents and automated data extraction.

Although Athento already had a powerful module called Smart Capture LDES (Load, Detection, and Extraction Services), we wanted to improve the functionality. The main advantage of Capture over Smart Capture is the "template designer" allows users to create templates for structured images like Identification documents; these templates can then be used for the automatic extraction of data. The functionality is extremely intuitive and eliminates the need for a technician to configure the extraction code data.

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