Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Keep your documents safe with the Digital Certificate Access plug-in

Nowadays Digital Certificates are commonly used, maybe because our security concerns are growing fast. If you are worried about who can access to your company documents, a log-in system that uses Digital Certificates is one of the best options.

We have developed the Digital Certificate Access plug-in, using it you can add three more different security levels to your Nuxeo or Athento log in process.

How it works?

Let's explain the log in process using Digital Certificate Access plug-in:

  1. Checking your Digital Signature: Once you have choose to access with a digital certificate, and selected your certificate, it performs a digital signature. This digital signature is validated for the plug-in. If your signature is invalid, you can not access to the ECM platform. 
  2. Checking your Digital Certificate: The system must also check if your certificate is valid. If it's valid you can continue the log in process.
  3. Performing an user identification process: Your digital certificate contains your national identification number, and this ID must exist in a ID's directory in your ECM platform.
This plugin is now avalaible from our Athento Marketplace.

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