Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tips for Choosing a Document Management Company

Once you start searching for a document management company or an ECM software provider, you will quickly realize that not all of the available options will be able to meet your company’s needs. By taking these tips into consideration you will improve your odds of choosing a document management company that will help your company run more efficiently, increase your profits and allow you stay competitive in today’s continually evolving technological world.

One of the first things you should look for is a company that makes security a top priority. This applies to both electronic and physical security. A company that is serious about protecting its customers will have security personnel as well as security cameras in place. In addition, if a physical or electronic break-in does occur, they should have procedures in place to deal with it. They should also offer their clients secure online access to their documents, as well as access controls on their side to protect your data from both ends.

Check to make sure that the companies you are considering have positive references from other businesses within your industry, or at least similar industries. To give you a concrete example, if your business is thinking of incorporating electronic document management and document scanning and capture software into your accounts payable department, find out if the document management company in question has provided the same type of service to any businesses in the same situation before, and to what degree of satisfaction.

Another important factor to consider is whether the company’s service is going to be flexible enough to meet your business’s needs. Do they offer a variety of solutions that can handle all of your document management and imaging requirements? You should generally avoid any companies that require your firm to dramatically change your processes to work with their methods. A quality document management company will be able to fit their processes into your company’s requirements.

One of the main ways that a top-notch document management company will be able to meet the needs of every client is by having multiple options for how the documents can be processed, such as by offering both on-site and outsourced scanning options. No matter what your needs, your document scanning company or capture software provider should be able to rise to the occasion. If you need some of your documents scanned on site while others can be dealt with at an outsourced location, the company you are considering should be able to oblige. Your documents should be available in a variety of forms from a repository accessible from the web, or if you prefer, a solution should be made available that runs in-house.

The final factor you should consider is the price. While the cheapest option might not always be the best, the right company for your job should be able to offer their services at a cost that does not eat up too much of your profits. A trustworthy document scanning company will make all of your costs clear up front, instead of tacking on extensive and confusing additional fees at every turn.

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Guest post was contributed by Justin Epley on behalf of Engelbert Strauss. Justin is a freelance business writer. His articles appear on various online business publications.
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