Monday, October 29, 2012

Document Capture: Beyond paper

When people talk about document capture, they always think about digitization too. But Document capturing is a more complex dimension in the ECM cycle. According with the AIIM, “Document and content capture is defined as the set of technologies and services required to capture documents and information from documents—paper, microfilm, fax, and electronic—in order to process the content of the documents in a form that meets the need of the repository or business application being served”. It isn't all about paper.

So, what kind of electronic documents are we talking about? Here a few examples.

  • Emails: Nowadays, information within emails is critical for most of companies. That's the reason because digital mail-room has became mandatory. ECM software is making possible to manage emails as records, but also as documents including its attachments.
  • Faxes: Integrating your ECM software with your fax machine, it's possible to skip an intermediate step in your capturing process. You don't have to print faxes and then, digitizing them again in order to store docs in your repository.
  • Social Media Stream: ECM providers must work harder in this kind of features because brands and its reputations are at stake. Companies require to treat post streams in their social profiles as documents and ECM software should allow them.

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  1. i would add that if you look at your national archives, then you could have all the areas covered. they have microfilms, papers, books, etc... and are always having to adapt to the storage of all information to preserves in the best way possible, I would love to hear from a specialist in one these government bodies!