Wednesday, November 14, 2012

7 Benefits of Athento

Athento iDM provides added functionality to any Document Management System or Enterprise Content Management system.

  1. Automating your capture processes
  2. Technologies such as image processing, neural networks, natural language processing, OCR and others allow Athento to:
    • Extract data from documents in order to identify there type. 
    • Identify documents correctly 98% of the time (one of the highest accuracy rates on the market).
    • Manage documents through workflows according to their type. 
    • Identify images, tables and other data structures present in scanned documents and extract their data. 
    • Avoid having to download and upload documents as attachments to e-mails.

  3. More efficient searches of documents
  4. Thanks to semantic technology , Athento:
    • Allows you to navigate between related documents.
    • Identifies key terms in documents and lets you browse through all the documents that contain the same terms.
    • Allows you to search the contents of your documents.

  5. Interconnection with other systems without expensive developments
  6. Athento facilitates communication between systems using webservicesCMISReslets , etc. so that:
    • You can set up a single point of access to documents contained in different repositories.
    • Centralize in a single repository documents handled by business applications (ERP, CRM, invoice management and other vertical business applications)
    • It follows open standards for document processing, laws regarding the retention and deletion of electronic records, digital signature policies, etc. (Technical interoperability)

  7. Rapid growth and Scalability
  8. 80% of the functionality of Athento are plug and play, so that users can add or remove features whenever they wish.

  9. Mobility and Collaboration
  10. With Athento you can work with your team on documents:
    • Share documents with external users.
    • Edit documents using GoogleDocs.
    • Access your documents from your mobile.
    • Configure your workflows.

  11. Lightweight and intuitive interface
  12. Athento has cross-platform access from mobile devices, ease of use for non-technical users and a light weight web interface that allows it to load fast.
     7. Oriented solutions to your business type
         Athento has been customized to meet the particular needs of certain sectors such as health and public administration. Athento is able to integrate with Document Management Systems such as Nuxeo, Alfresco, Sharepoint, Documentum, or anyone who implements the CMIS standard.

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