Thursday, November 22, 2012

Athento and Nuxeo, selected by the National DMV of Spain

The document capture and document management systems Athento and Nuxeo have been chosen by Spain's national Department of Motor Vehicles (DGT) in Spain for a contract worth over one million dollars (750,000 euros). The tender requires implementing a Document Management System that will support more than 150 million documents and records.

The main objective of the project is to modernize and improve the effectiveness of the current document management processes. The system should also comply with the e-Government law of Spain 11/2007 (regarding interoperability standards) and standards relating to the retention and removal of client records.

The new document management system will achieve cost savings of more than 1.3 million dollars (1 million euro) annually.

The DGT is one of the most active government agencies in the updating and commissioning of new technologies throughout Europe. They already have services for on-line registration of vehicles, electronic reporting, electronic payment of fees and penalties. These e-services produce a marked increase in the number of documents and electronic files, and require a technology capable of handling the vast quantity of information. The improved time efficiency of the document management process will allow DGT to deliver a quicker service to citizens and businesses alike.

In addition to a quicker service for external users, employees can perform tasks more efficiently such as searching, editing and collaborating on documents. The architecture of the solution uses the Nuxeo document management tool as a content repository. This is combined with Athento's platform to contribute extra functionality like document capture and interoperability for the compliance of e-Government laws (a mandatory scheme for public administration's interoperability in Spain).

At the application level of DGT's web services and in-house software, third party applications provide services for employees and users. Athento manages how these applications communicate with the content repository. So there is no need to have a single solution for each of these applications as Athento can manage all of them. Thus it provides an optimised solution for storing data from these applications.

 These applications function optimally when there is little or no interfacing software between them and the repository. CMIS defines the standards that these applications should use to communicate with the repository. In the first level (business applications) there are third-party applications, such as portals in use by the DGT to perform procedures with citizens, as well as internal tools they need for storage of strategic documents. 

Using Athento for managing interoperability facilitates communications connectors by implementing, for example, the CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) or the connector itself to the electronic signature management.

The chosen solution does innovative things such as document auto-tagging, classification or document type recognition of uploaded business documents (contracts, invoices, types of records etc.) as if it were a human. Thus, it is able to start complex business workflows and procedures intelligently, thereby saving time. Athento will be implemented in the Data Processing Center of the DGT, in Madrid, which manages a document size estimated at 150 million, in a storage space of more than 60 terabytes of information and with the strictest security and integrity measures.

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