Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Athento Platform, Pure Interoperability

Unfortunately, most of the applications used by businesses ( BPM ,CRM , Human Resources, etc.) can not share data or business rules with document repositories. Many of the data produced, used or operated by these applications have their support documents. The lack of communication between applications and the document management system can only generate data duplication, duplication of documentation and make automated processes to be impossible. 

Large companies such as BBVA or DGT face such difficulties, but found an answer in Athento . The secret of Athento can communicate with business applications and document repositories is in his heart Athento Platform Platform.

Athento Manager is the management platform of communication, presentation and implementation of services that combine repositories and services from several document management and enterprise content. 

Athento Platform contains a number of components that allow you to provide certain functionality (capture, semantics, mailroom) to the document management repositories regardless of where the documents are stored. 

Components can be developed and added to the platform (since Athento Platform is also a framework!) by bundles or jar files. 

A bundle can contain one or more components that together provide a range of services, or functionality that allows tasks to be carried out with documents. 

For example, we have two repositories with Sharepoint and Alfresco to add functionality that we want to capture: Capture documents from a scanner, from e-mail accounts, classify documents by type, extract their data and send them to an accounting application or an HR software. 
We have two options: 

Option A 

We are looking for an application that has been built on Sharepoint or one that is compatible (in both cases, we should have a large budget). We will have to make adaptations and adjustments on Sharepoint, Alfresco, the application of capture and on each of the applications that will be receiving the data produced. 

Option B 

Athento Platform thanks to its component Athento Capture, saves up to 36% when implementing such solutions. (Tweeteame!) 

How does It Work? 
A Athento Platform component we add his capture, Athento Capture. Athento Capture defines services, extension points and contributions to other components. Services, is what matters most, because it's the way we can execute certain operation on documents, for example, getting the document from a scanner. To get the document from the scanner, Athento Capture will use the Twain service connection to scanner. Likewise, for other functions that take place, such as data mining, use of services, one of them could be the application of OCR on the document. But, how is it that after implementing these services it has no problem sharing data with, for example, the HR software? Because everything in Athento Platform Platform is done in a special structure. 

In the case of the component Athento Capture, this has its own interface (presentation layer), from which you can scan from the scanner using for this the connection service Twain. Since most modern document management market implemented the CMIS standard, we can store the captured documents from the scanner and data extracted easily (Interoperability layer). After you use a lot of services, Athento Capture extracts data from the digitized documents and will now send it to the HR and accounting applications, for that it will use some connectors available for the performance of services and transmit these details using them. These connectors output for the example could be REST, EJB3, Atom, Web Services or CMIS. Athento Platform is so powerful, it offers all the tools of a framework to build on it components or applications that can provide particular functionality to the problems of each organization. 

Presentation layer for Athento Capture 
Capa de presentación Athento Capture

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