Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Enterprise Search, an ECM concern

Companies produce documents and work with data, content and information that are stored in several systems. If all that amount of content is not accessible, it loses its value as information.

Enterprise Search is a set of software applications and search engines that allow companies to find info through the whole information system within a company. That information system can be compound by different software tools: A Document Management System, File Systems, Intranets, Data Bases, etc.

In an ideal world, companies would have centralized all their content, but in reality, teams keep using on-line file systems (such as Box, Dropbox, Syncplicity, etc.), each business application has its own repository, intranets aren't integrated with the ECM software and they have lots of data bases.

With too many content sources, it becomes very difficult to find the right thing at the right moment.

ECM providers must work to integrate different content sources with the ECM software, seeking the goal that all company's content can be stored in the same ECM repository. This will make possible that Enterprise Search software reaches the right results taking less time. (Or maybe, It will make 'Enterprise Search' unnecessary as we know it.)

Besides the 'Collaboration concern', Enterprise Search concern is one of the main motivations for ECM providers to work in integrations as Alfresco-Dropbox, Documentum-Syncplicity, Athento-Box; but this is only the beginning, because content centralization is still far from becoming real.

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