Monday, November 12, 2012

Best Tips for Starting an Enterprise Document Capture Project

Today, we have another guest. She's going to share with us what they, at IS Group, took into account when decided to implement a Document Capture solution.

Paper documents capture is a simple process by which a paper document is being converted to a digital or an electronic format. This process has become extremely important in the recent time owing to the simple fact it is much more convenient to access, handle, preserve and store digital document in comparison to the paper document. Therefore, a growing trend can be noticed whereby all well established enterprises are now taking the initiative to digitize all their paper documents.

This work can be accomplished with the help of integration of enterprise document capture solution in your present document management system or ECM software. However, for the successful implementation of the capture process you need to take the initiative of considering certain important facts and following a few important steps to ensure that the process is implemented properly and according to the requirements of a specific business.

How well do you know the work process of the enterprise? 

For the successful implementation of the enterprise document capture project, it is important for you to have a detailed knowledge about the various workflows in the business house. Since you are primarily engaged in integrating the new document capture solution in an already existing system, you should have detailed knowledge about primary activities of the company, how they are conducted and how it flows through the concerned departments. This knowledge will help you in integrating the document capture project successfully and completely. This is applicable for not only document capture solution but for conducting any business successfully.

The different types of documents 

This factor is also an extremely important that you need to consider while working on the document capture project. First, you need to have a comprehensive knowledge about the different documents that concerns the particular enterprise and also an approximate number of documents that you are planning to integrate for each and every year. This will help you in getting a better understanding of the different profiles that you need to create for storing different categories of documents in separate portfolios. It is going to aid in categorizing the documents in the correct manner and with the specific keywords and information and can be accessed at any point of time from anywhere.

Deciding on the scale

Once you have gathered the important facts like what are the different types of documents and basic framework of the various activities of a business house, now you need to focus on scaling the documents that you are digitizing. This is an important fact that you need to consider and opt for the one that best suits your current project. Moreover, you also need to customize the other features in accordance with the demands of the client. This is a cumbersome process so you need to pay full attention to become successful.

These are some of the most important facts that will help in starting off and completing an Enterprise Document Capture Project successfully. By equipping yourself with all these knowledge prior to starting it, you would be able to completely it in time and with competency that will serve the need of your clients and also increase the company’s return on investment.

About the Author: The above article is composed by AJ from IS Group. She recommends her own company for signs for retail stores because it provides the best quality among the other competitors.  

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