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ECM & Social Management Software

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Why should ECM software consider Social Management? 

We are going to explain why it is important to consider social interactions as content that needs to be controlled, archived and preserved.  We will explore some of the reasons why ECM software must provide features for the treatment of this type of content. 

  • Control on Corporate Reputation: Years ago it was complicated to seek references before buying a software product. In fact, it was the seller who provided those references, with the difficulty that, as the seller, references were always about happy customers. Today, using tools like Twitter, it is easy to monitor what is said about a product or company, including bad references!
  • Control on support activities: There are companies that are conducting support responses using Twitter. The response of a client with problems should be recorded somewhere as customer care.
  • Control on new potential clients: For companies that sell products or provide services to other businesses, social networks like LinkedIn are beginning to be vital in finding new business opportunities and prospective customers. Although this seems more related to CRM software, it is important that we can access  the conversations of our Sales, Marketing and Community Manager (which are open to be viewed by countless people) whenever we want.
  • Possibilities for collaborative work: Social networks are making it easier to exchange ideas  and keep the connection between teams and departments within an organization. Furthermore, the use of other tools that not qualify as social networks allow collaborative work on enterprise content and have a broad social / web 2.0 background (like GoogleDocs , Doodle, etc).

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