Monday, December 3, 2012

Was that Document Management System worth it?

This past year, I have been in contact with many business or IT executives, asking them to tell me their experience with Athento and other solutions in the same sector, asking what had led them to acquire a solution for document management or ECM . 

I would say that for 99% of them a document management system is clearly needed, and no matter if the outcome of this experience has been good or bad with the acquired solutions, the path will always be to look forward, no one thinks of ruling out ECM software. By contrast, those who had a bad experience, seek another provider (which is why I have the opportunity to meet them) and those who have done well, look for ways to further expand and improve their solution. 

These managers do not find any difficulty enumerating the advantages of implementing a document management system in their organizations. 90% of them mention these advantages without hesitation "cost savings". The problem is when you ask them how much. How much money have you saved using a Document Management System? At least 40% of them can not answer this question. 

Then is when we show them how much time their processes have reduced or can be reduced, how much spending they've saved or will save printing paper, storing it and archiving it. The numbers are surprising, for me and for the client. Because they were convinced that there had to be some savings, believing that a DMS makes work more efficient, but they were not able to quantify savings figures.
Content Lifecycle / Document Lifecycle
Content Lifecycle / Document Lifecycle (Photo credit: Saad Faruque)

Faith and certainty that technology makes better business processes have long guided the technological investment decisions in many companies, but increasingly, directives wonder about quantifiable results from the beginning. 

And I see it well, in fact, I see excellent. Before you pay money you have to see clearly if the costs of the tool are just an expense or a huge investment. Objectively, my experience shows that it is an investment, but how much savings can be achieved is something that varies from client to client and from solution to solution. Knowing exactly who you'll give your money is about previously knowing who will be the first to give it back. 

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