Thursday, January 17, 2013

Alfresco hires new CEO (and why do we care?)

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Our partner Alfresco, the de facto leader in open source ECM, has replaced its CEO (John Powell, co-founder of Alfresco and Business Objects, later acquired by SAP for 6.78 billion) for a seasoned Silicon Valley executive, Doug Denerline. Doug was the US Enterprise Software VP of Sales for and SuccessFactors CEO, as well as the chief executive of the Webex division at Cisco Systems, Inc among others.
Some words from Doug Denerline:
“While the future may very well be everything to the cloud, that isn’t the current reality,” Dennerline said. “In order to be relevant in the enterprise and stay ahead, you have to be able to answer the bottom-line question. Alfresco is offering a connection for organizations that want their employees to freely collaborate on content beyond a firewall while at the same time making IT happy by keeping the control needed to meet industry requirements.”

The move clearly shows intentions to move headquarters to the Bay Area, and more so, a focus on an IPO for 2014 to be done in the technology stocks market (NASDAQ, New York).

Alfresco has about 7 people in the Bay Area, some of them like Luis Sala, Peter Monks and Jerome Agnola, we've met in person and are all great professionals.

The move to the Bay (most likely San Francisco) will double Alfresco's team very shortly, adding up to 14 new positions.

Why should we care?

Well, our offices in the US are also in Silicon Valley (USMAC, downtown San Jose), and this will add value to Silicon Valley partners such as Formtek (Oakland partner focused on engineering companies) or the likes.

We have a roadmap ahead of integrations between Athento and Alfresco products, developing verticals with a focus on e-Government and e-Health. We have been publishing apps on other platforms such as cloud vendor, but it is in pure ECM vendors like Alfresco and Sharepoint where we see a potential to grow and add value.

The offering for document capture for Alfresco seems still limited and there's also space for more players . The more, the merrier, being this especially true for customers.

Alfresco is getting traction in Latin America, a market in which we are growing and we believe we can provide top notch solutions on top, especially for large companies and government, where the need for ECM infrastructure and information management in general is huge, and still not well solved. For this markets, and in close work with Alfresco's Raul Gonzales, we are establishing partnerships in countries such a Perú and México.

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