Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to tag documents automatically in Athento + Box integration

One of the problems of document management is the tedious work of labeling documents. Adding metadata to documents seems like something that only takes 10 seconds, but every time you upload a new document to your choice DMS, it starts to become more and more tiresome.
And the real problem is not that it's that hard, it really isn't. The problem is that somehow, you have your taxonomy in place, your rules in place, you've discussed metadata with external consultants, and at the end of the day, and once the system has been in place for three months and everybody is a little relaxed about the rules, then it happens:
You find that most documents are not tagged in the system. Metadata is nowhere to be found. Nada, cero, finito. And it hits you like a punch.
You see that performing a search is harder than it should.
You see that going through that tag of clouds makes no-sense, because you know those are the tags that users placed after the first two months the document management system was in place.
And it gets in your nerves, because users have no excuse. "It's only 10 seconds!!" You think.

The other side of the fence is the actual user, the worker of the company, the document intensive star of the document management system. Whoever it may be, a lawyer, a doctor or a records management professional.
I was at a law firm north of Palo Alto (Alston + Bird) and remember what an important IP lawyer told me: "It's my job to get that contract or IP document reviewed, edited etc., and then, after all this work on this .doc file, then I have to upload it to the system, and complete this form... again!"
And he kept going on: "I've already placed the document title IN THE DOCUMENT, why do I have to do this again?"
And you know people hate doing the same things over and over. It feels stupid.

So both for the users, the stars of document management as we mentioned previously (document management is about people, not documents) and for the admins, we exist as a company.
And it is for them that we created the Box auto-tagging tool, named Athento Cloud Services (as it will be expanding with other features coming up).
Take a look at the video, with a real example of a DMV document (a real one, from San Jose, California) getting auto-tagged. The quality of the tags is impressive. The amount of time spent, less than 5 seconds. Bum, your tags are there.

Auto tagging Documents in Athento

And the app is here free, to download!
Please, give us feedback, let us know how we're doing.

We are planning to integrate with other cloud tools, like, and best of breed ECM tools like Sharepoint and Alfresco. Who should be next? We would love to hear your ideas.

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