Monday, January 28, 2013

More Semantics and Artificial Intelligence in the next version of Athento

Last Friday , our team offered us a series of reflections on the latest trends of Semantics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and which of them will be considered in the next version of Athento. The goal of our team is to make Athento able to give meaning to information that is stored and managed in ECM platforms.

For Victor Sánchez, our CTO, these technologies will help to improve the accuracy of ECM platforms when recognizing (without human intervention) the different types of documents that they manage (contracts, invoices, budgets, etc.) by analyzing documents' content. In this way, many processes of document management can be automated, such as workflows associated with those types of documents, or any specific process of a business associated with each type of document for said business, in the way that the work will be done in a faster and more secure way. That way, implementing semantics and AI into the management of the information of any business will allow that business to save time and money, thanks to the multitude of complex actions which will now become automatic.

Our innovation men have no doubt that the next phase of semantics in Enterprise Content Management and Document Management will be searches based on simple phrases (Natural Language Processing - NLP), and not on the complicated screens of advanced searches.  Although we are currently using some NLP in Athento, the idea is to apply it directly to searches.

We are already using AI to improve results of classifying docs in our product Athento Capture, but our challenge is to continue using Machine Learning technologies (not only Neural Networks what is what we are using right now) and Artificial Intelligence in other fields as interfaces and searches.

Another point we are working on is that Athento can make possible to avoid tedious interchanges of e-mails for sharing and asking for information between and among businesses. It will be the ECM platforms (through Athento!) which will be in charge of requesting information that they need among themselves at every moment, and use it to carry out timely tasks. That way, documents will always be updated and available at that moment, without human intervention.

For our guys, having a document management system or any ECM platform is fundamental for a business because it’s the most efficient and easiest way of managing all that red tape that running a business involves. And, what’s more, if that system can also incorporate advanced technologies as NLP, Semantics and AI, it would be capable of identifying any time of document and would group information by labels, locations, etc., as well as carrying out automatic tasks, depending on what type of document it was.

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