Thursday, January 3, 2013

The current state of the paperless office

This is one of our first posts of 2013 and we'd like to share this infographic that talks about the current state of the paperless office, for despite the recent rise of document capture solutions , collaborative tools on documents , and other software that helps you work with your documents in digital format, the reality is still proving that very little companies have become fully paperless. 

According to a survey of 500 office workers in the United States ... 

  • 99% of these workers still reviewing paper documents
  • 42% still use the fax to send documents
  • 66% say they share more than half of their documents electronically.
  • Shared Microsoft Word documents is the mechanism used to collaborate on documents (89.2% of respondents).
Our interpretation of this data: 

  • 99% of workers have to: extract data from documents to put them in office programs (such as ERPs, Quickbooks, CRM, etc.), passing from hand to hand documents when required approval and review from other colleagues, filing documents in physical files and looking at them whenever you need them. Basically, 99% of office workers waste their time.
  • 42% of those that still send faxes print them for sure ... to digitize them again and store in electronic formats, and many times are asked to fax them again because of the poor quality of the received document. This means 42% of workers who send and receive faxes use more resources than they should.
  • 66% of office workers know the possibilities of collaborative work and what tools can carry this effectively, and while moving towards a goal of "less paper", probably due to a lack of a corporate policy on paper use, they continue to use it (or abuse it, in some cases).
  • We are convinced that the 89.2% of workers who share documents on M.Word, constantly face problems like: display problems on some devices, etc..

* This infographic is courtesy of Nitro PDF 

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