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We've finished the first phase of Spain's DMV Document Management and Interoperability project: Mission Accomplished!

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Aerospatiale AS 355N Ecureuil 2_DGT_EC-GVH (Photo credit: COSAS DE VOLAR)
As we mentioned in previous post, Athento and Nuxeo have been elected by Spain's DMV for implementing its document management system. The project was named "SDGD-document management system" and has a € 750,000 budget (Over $ 1 million). Thanks to this investment, the Spain's DMV (from now on, DGT) is expected to generate yearly savings of over one million euros. 

It took nine months working on this project with really rewarding results. Last December we delivered the first stage, consisting of 50%, of this Document Management and Interoperability project. 

How is the system structure of the DGT's ECM? 

SDGD is divided into two subsystems, the first of which is responsible for meeting the basic needs of Document Management (SDGD-gd) and the second subsystem provides interoperability and interconnection between different systems (SDGD-i) with SDGD-gd. SDGD-i component is crucial because it allows the overall system to comply with the Technical Standards for Interoperability -NTI- and also with the Elimination and record keeping procedures that this Government Agency has in place. 

Nuxeo, was chosen to be the DMS at the heart of DGT, ie as document repository and Athento Platform as the core for the SDGD Interoperability layer. Athento Platform is a platform similar to the known Enterprise Service Bus that through a set of services enables communication between different systems that work with documents. With the ENI (Esquema Nacional de Interoperabilidad, National Interoperability Framework) component  of the document repository Athento Platform can connect to applications used by administratives in their daily work. 

Present and future of the project 

The SDGD is currently in pre-production. During the past nine months of work it has achieved significant milestones. Today, we can say that it has managed the deployment of most of the requirements arising from the implementation of applicable NTI to Document Management, and its adaptation to the operational reality of the DGT. 

During this phase of the project has achieved things as: 
  • The implementation of the Electronic Document with the minimum mandatory and complementary business metadata
  • The implementation of the Electronic Record 
  • Traceability and auditability of the system has been guaranteed 
  • Deployment of the document search system, using Google Enterprise Search (GSA)
  • The implementation of electronic signature functionality
  • Establishing mechanisms for digitization, management and configuration of system users, etc.. 

What makes this project amazing? 

For the first time in Spain we are implementing an e-Government system that obeys documentary requirements of national interoperability standards. These regulations are relatively new and are still in development, but are very important because they seek to convert government agencies into more interoperable organizations that are capable of supporting eGovernment best practices with all the desired guarantees. 

SDGD is a pioneering project in Spain that provides document management tasks, making them more accurate and maintaining the most strict control over the citizens' documents. 

An example of a relevant feature is the integration with Google Enterprise Search -GSA-, which will improve the relevance of search results to documents and the response time of queries of officials, plus: integration with DGT's electronic office, high availability (HA) configuration of the system, backup management, integration with a Data Warehouse, electronic processing system, process management, web content management, etc.. 

When will the system be in full performance? 
Within nine months, at the end of 2013, employees of the DGT will make full use of the platform. Once completed, the system will manage over 150 million documents and will continue to grow from there.

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