Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Athento e-Government

Electronic Government (E-Government) means improving the efficiency of management of government organizations by incorporating technology in two ways:

  • From an external point of view, it means being able to use electronic tools to provide customer assistance, with the add-on effect of reducing lineups and the waiting times needed to carry out bureaucratic processes.
  • From an internal point of view, it means changing the long, tedious paper-based processes for electronic steps.

Athento e-Government is a document management product which has been developed specifically for the public sector, which is why it focuses on attacking problems that are specific to government and government agencies, as well as offering the basic characteristics of an intelligent document manager.


Some of the advantages of Athento e-Government:
  • Increased efficiency: Reduces times associated with document management and costs that come from paper document storage.
  • Provides sustainability: Reduces paper consumption – and (literally) using tons of paper is something that happens a lot in government offices.
  • Ease of access: Eliminates the need to carry out paperwork in person.
  • Eliminates document disorder: Guarantees the handling of volumes of documents and not the loss of documents as they flow through various processes.
  • Security and protection when it comes to accessing the confidential information of citizens and residents.
  • Eliminates duplication of documents which could occur due to large document volume.
  • Document control. Permits the approval, updating and control of documents.
  • Increases velocity: Keeps documents accessible thanks to fast searches.

Additionally, e-Government…
  • Is interoperable: Can be integrated into other e-Administration applications.
  • Allows for integration with Digital Signatures, for the management of regulated documents which require revisions, controls and approval.

Who can get the most out of Athento e-Government?

Any town or city council, municipal or regional government, Ministry or Council which needs a more efficient mechanism to manage their administrative processes.

At present, Athento e-Government is used by over one hundred government agencies, including:
  • The Spanish Army
  • The City Council of San Sebastián
  • The City Council of Córdoba
  • The Málaga Provincial Government
  • The Spanish General Directorate of Traffic

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