Monday, February 18, 2013

Capturing lots of documents with Athento Capture

There are different ways of applying the Athento's intelligent capture technology over documents. Today we're going to explain how to upload massive quantities of documents to Athento Capture for processing.

Once those documents have been uploaded, Athento will recognize them and extract their data automatically.

1. Documents from a scanner

If your aim is to capture paper documents, the best option is connecting Athento to your scanner. Athento uses the TWAIN protocol to make it possible. This connection works in the following way:

Documents are digitalized using a scanner connected to Athento. The scanner sends the documents to a folder and that folder will be monitored by Athento until each document in that folder can be captured. Users only have to concern about scanning, because Athento Capture does the rest.

2. Massive upload from local

With Athento Capture it is possible to upload documents from your PC. Click on “Massive Upload” , choose a local folder and then wait until the upload ends.

Once the capture has been done, go to “Unprocessed documents”. From there, it is possible to pick up a file to be processed or to process the whole set of documents.

Discover how Athento's intelligent document capture technologies workdownload it

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