Thursday, March 21, 2013

How can a company manage 17 million documents? Use Athento for Clusters!

"How can a company integrate different, diverse applications so that it can work with seventeen million documents without duplicating them? 
How can you have a system that is powerful enough to respond to constant inquiries or solicitations for so many applications?"

Since 2011, we've been working with a prominent international client in the financial sector. The client’s basic problem was that it had a huge quantity of documents to manage, and various different software applications that worked with the same documents, each with its own document repository. You can bet that having the same documents in different repositories created difficulties when it came time to maintain the system or deal with inconsistencies in the documentation. Additionally, it made it difficult to maximize the information contained in the documents and also made it possible for documents to become lost or to lose the work that had been performed on said documents.

We evaluated our client so that the client would choose a solution that would allow for not only connecting all the applications, but which would also make sure that they were not dependent on one particular DMS alone. The large capacity for integration and scalability that Athento iDM has on this point was crucial, given that it can function with any document management system that meets CMIS standard so that, if, in the future, the client decides to migrate to another repository it can, at the same time, allows for communication and data transfer with the current (and future) applications. By making use of Athento’s web interface, an intelligent ECM platform the company’s 200 users and applications can create, consult and modify documents which are stored in Nuxeo DM 5.4.2, the selected DMS.

At the same time, Athento makes it possible to create connections between the different applications and the document repository.

The performance of the system was another of the key points, and that’s why the client decided to implement Athento in Cluster. Two Nuxeo instances (running on 64-bit Linux virtual machines) running on the same physical machine will allow for fast management of only one document repository, which will store all of the documents; but the system will also use a "load balancer"  whose function will be to determine which of the two Nuxeo instances has the least amount of work, in order to send the petitions and requests of the applications of the global system, so that none of the instances is brought down because of an excess of requests.

This is how our client came to count on a stable system that has 17'569.405 documents at the moment. Athento allows the client, at all times, to have consistent, updated information; and, also, to access all that information at  an average speed of four seconds from any of the applications, or from the Athento interface.

If you want to learn more about this case study, feel free to download it below!

Discover how the BBVA's Real Estate manages over 7 million documents in less than a year using Athentodownload it

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