Monday, March 25, 2013

Improve your efficiency by more than 60%

The day-to-day work that takes place in an administrative consultant company, a law firm, or a managing agent business often means working with an average of seven hundred new files a day. Using certain modules in certain modern document management systems, files can be added automatically once the documents within are digitalized. The problem is that there has to be someone who can show the system where one file ends and other begins. 

The manual work of subdividing batches of documents into individual files usually takes an average of one minute per file. That means that we have 700 minutes invested in a task that has no particular value – in the particular case of one Professional Association of Managing Agents, more than eleven hours per day for four employees, wasted. That’s not forgetting the monotonous, repetitive character of this task, which is a difficult cost to measure in terms of productivity and employee morale.

Athento Capture allows you to minimize manual work related to document management that the platform can sort that work out for itself. That way, employees can spend their time on tasks that bring real value to the business.

Working with the previous premise, our engineers have been working on automating the task of dividing batches of files. By applying technologies related to Neural Networks and Image Processing, Athento can automatically separate files which are digitalized as a group, reducing the task of entering files by 66.6%.

Discover how Intelligent Document Management can help businesses and governments.descarga este contenido

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