Monday, May 20, 2013

Athento Mobile Capture

From now on, it is possible to enjoy all Athento Capture's power from Android phones and devices. Our partner Tecnocom has developed an Android app that allows to use Athento Capture from tablets and phones.

Athento Capture and TecnoOCR integration features:

  • Capturing documents using your phone camera. 
  • Template design for data extraction.
  • Automatic data extraction.
  • Metadata pushing into ERP or ECM systems.
  • Massive processing or individual document processing.

Mobile capture opens business to an endless world of possibilities. For instance, imagine that your sales force don't have to keep train tickets, food bills, and bring them to the office in order to record the expenses. Using Athento Capture and Tecno OCR, every time your sales people buy something, they can take a photo of the ticket or the bill and the expenses data will be send to your ERP system or ECM platform.

Just, let's watch it in action. In this video, we will use a tablet and a phone to extract data from Spanish ID cards.

Mobile Capture from Athento on Vimeo.

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