Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Knowledgetree: Analysis of the ECM Solution

Note: KnowledgeTree is not longer a Document Management Solution.

According to Greg Hyer, Marketing Manager at KnowledgeTree they have "pivoted in January of this year and no longer offer document management software."


Without a doubt, KnowledgeTree is an interesting option in the world of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. It’s a solution with a fair amount of personality and whose personality influences everything it touches. For me, one of the key components of this personality is the simplicity and ease that it uses in both its messages and its own platform.

Let’s quickly review the application:

The Pros: 
Its main weapon: one interface, clear, simple and usable. It’s a product that is pretty flexible and which can contribute to collaborative tasks with documents coming from small teams. As a solution, KnowledgeTree should be one of the options to consider when you don’t need complex functionality, or for work teams whose members aren’t technicians.

The Cons: 
For sure, the advantage that has in certain aspects can also be its greatest weakness: sacrificing functionality in favor of ease of simplicity and usability. Another of the things that could be improved about KnowledgeTree is its online preview system, which tends to give users problems after on-line editing with Zoho. Language is another problem: currently, it’s only available in English.

Let’s examine its characteristics in greater detail:

Advanced document management functions:



Uploading documents to manager via e-mail

Access via mobiles
Digital Signature
Enterprise Version
Auto-classification of documents

Enterprise Version
Reading barcodes

Integration with Google Docs
Integrated with Zoho (other online editor)
Integration with social networks

Basic document management functions

Management of groups and users
Company version
Integration with Microsoft Office
User Authentication
Drag and Drop
Sharing documents
Versions of documents
History of user actions
Virtual navigation by content
Online pre-visualization of documents
Creation of types of documents

Search for documents by type and by content

Control panel
(Dashboard showing state of system)

Document revision
Document publication
User notification system
Comments on documents
Export documents in ZIP, XML, PDF formats
Multiple languages

Web interface
Content syndication

Management of document templates

Prices and support

Price per
Product available for immediate use
User support
Basic capacity
Price per user per month
$14 per month, minimum 5 users

You can see for yourself the possibilities that Athento offers, as well as other Capture Systems, in one of our previous comparison studies.

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