Thursday, May 16, 2013

SharePoint 2013: What’s new

The latest version of SharePoint, which was released last summer, seems to revolve around two main points: the cloud and social content.

Regarding the first point, we know that this is the tendency that Microsoft is following with the majority of its products, and which seems fairly natural because it’s dealing with an ecosystem of services which are compatible and can be integrated amongst themselves.

The options offered by SharePoint 2013 in the Cloud move to using dedicated hosting or using Azure. Microsoft has also made SharePoint 2013 capable of working with both SkyDrive and the storage components of the Office 365 software suite.

Looking at the new features of “social content”, let’s point out several:

  • Integration with Yammer 
  • Creation of social networks from SharePoint. To make teamwork stronger and to help communication among teams, SharePoint has included two new functionalities in its new version: “Community Site” and “Community Portal”. With Community Sites, we can create Facebook-style websites and with Community Portal, we have a summary of all of the activity of our Community Sites in one place. Access to these communities can be restricted using permissions. 
  • News feeds (where all the activity within work flows in different work spaces is shown) and a new functionality of microblogging (similar to Twitter) which allows you to make use of hashtags and to post images. 
  • In the construction of web pages with SharePoint, there are also new things. You can copy text directly from MS Word to the online text editor without everything ending up looking weird, and drag and move menus; additionally, the support for embedding content has been improved. Users will also be able to count on support for translation services.

Another new things:

  • Now the SharePoint App Market is working. Using this market, developers can sell their apps developed for SharePoint. Developers pay 20% of their sales to Microsoft and SharePoint users enjoy more out-of-the-box, ‘zero-code’ customizations for their SharePoint instances. 
  • Web Sites Design Enhancements: Now it is easier to customize your web sites using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Web pages are shown depending on the device people are using to access them, and it is also possible to use friendly URLs and other SEO stuff. An HTML5 coded view is now available and it is optimized for speedy access across iPhones, iPads, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.

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