Friday, June 28, 2013

How to install and configure WebDav with Nuxeo

WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a web communication protocol (an extension to http/1.1) that allows quick access to a server or web site content from a computer folder, as if it were local content. This means that you can access folders and files in your server as if they were in your local drive as long as you have access rights.

We would like to teach you today how to install and configure WebDav with Nuxeo on Linux and Windows systems. We'll start with Linux users but in the next post, Windows users will be able to learn how to do it too.

How to install and configure WebDav with Nuxeo on Linux

You will need some software. The software required is DAVfs, a Linux file system driver that allows you to mount a WebDAV server as a disk drive.
You can obtain DAVfs from official repositories by using the following command in a console window:

apt-get install davfs2
yum install fuse-davfs2

Now you should be ready to mount your Nuxeo drive on your local system. Use the following command:

sudo mount.davfs -o 'uid=linux-user-id gid=linux-group-id' http://nuxeo-repository-url /mnt/where-you-would-like-to-mount-nuxeo-on-your-computer/

If you have done everything right :-), you should be able to access to your Nuxeo reporsitory from /mount: 


For detailed information, please visit our Athento Documentation Center.

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