Monday, June 10, 2013

Intelligent Document Capture: The first step towards managing Big Data

Part One
In this first post, we’ll go over the challenge that Big Data represents for businesses, in a conceptual manner; in the next post, we’ll explain how document capture could be the first step towards resolving this problem. 

What is Big Data?
Up to now, we haven’t been clear about when we started to talk about Big Data. Some speak of petabytes, others of exabytes; still others don’t need to get to capacities that are that big. The limit between what is (or isn’t) a Big Data problem can be determined by the capacity of their information systems to manage said information.

How can we understand the problem of Big Data?
Gartner lays out the Big Data problem as a three-dimensional solution:

  • Enormous volumes of information: With the rise of new technologies, we’re not just creating more digital content; we’re also creating digital content that takes up more volume. According to the “Digital Universe” report published by IDC, by 2015 we will reach the quantity of 7,910 exabytes of information in the whole, entire world.  
  • Digital content is becoming increasingly varied: These days, we use diverse gadgets and formats to create and store information: voice messages, text messages, videos, e-mails, social networks, bank transactions, etc. All of these different pieces of data can’t be treated in the same way. 
  • These volumes, and the variety of information, need increasingly faster means of processing and recuperation. Many businesses have had to confront system collapses or, simply, users who balk at using information applications because they’re just too slow. Speed, however, has to be seen from another point of view, and that view is how quickly we are creating and storing information now.

The biggest challenge in the era of Big Data
It’s not just so we can get our applications can survive the size of the data; it’s also so that our information systems don’t become black, bottomless pits where we toss our digital content every day. We need to be able to generate real information or knowledge, starting from our digital content.

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