Monday, July 29, 2013

Document Capture: Going beyond paper

We traditionally relate document capture with digitalization; the reality is that document capture is a much more complex dimension within the ECM cycle. Capturing documents means putting them in a repository in a digital version, whether or not they originally come from a paper document.

Aside from paper, what other things could be captured digitally?
  • E-mails: The sensitivity of information contained in e-mails forces businesses to store that information, either in document format, or as records. It’s also common these days that document flows coming from outside the company, and which are sent as attached data within e-mails, are captured by ECM software.

  • Faxes: You can avoid an intermediate step of digitalization with documents received by fax if you connect the fax to the document management system.

  • Content flow on social media: This is one of the aspects of capture that is least thought about. Nonetheless, with the rise of social networks, and the value that brands get from concepts like “reputation management”, it’s fairly likely that we’ll soon see a rise in the capture functions which look to document information handled by companies in their social network profiles.

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