Thursday, July 25, 2013

Document Capture with SharePoint

Document capture continues to be one of the issues that has yet to be resolved in the ECM and document management world in general. That’s even more so with SharePoint

It goes without saying that the majority of solutions regarding capture for SharePoint require a huge investment – we’re talking about licenses that can run as high as €60,000 in the first year (and more than 20% of that goes towards annual support).
Although the main solutions offer connectors for SharePoint, that doesn’t mean that you can avoid many, many parameterizations and that there aren’t significant limitation at the level of the technology environment to get software that works with this platform. 

It’s also worth considering that many solutions have equated document capture to the simple process of scanning paper documents, leaving aside the capture of electronic documents, which isn’t any less important. The management of e-mails, faxes and other electronic flows is of vital importance for an integral document capture process. With Athento Capture, we resolve those difficulties described above for those SharePoint users who need a complete solution for document capture.

What can Athento Capture for SharePoint do for you?

  • Capture of e-mails and faxes Connect to scanners using the TWAIN protocol.
  • Scan documents from the platform.
  • Mass loading of electronic documents contained in local machines.
  • Scanning batches of documents which can be separated into individual documents.
  • Recognition of QR codes.
  • Extraction of metadata.
  • Exporting of metadata to other systems.
  • Automatic recognition and classification of documents.
  • Manual validation of extracted metadata.
  • Users can configure templates that are used for data extraction in structured documents.
  • Indexing document content Support for certified capture.
  • Support for distributed capture.

Discover how a smart document capture process it


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