Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sharepoint: “We can't live with or without you”

Today, we’d like to share our comments on this incredible CMS Wire post (“SharePoint Love So Big, EMC Documentum Cuddles Up Too”) with you.

Basically, in that post, one idea comes across: SharePoint gains more than seven million users every year. If you’re in the same business, you’re either with them or against them, but you can’t be indifferent to them.

Within that post there are some examples of the strategy of other players regarding SharePoint, summing up sentences from their executives or ad campaigns. Every player has taken a position in this love-hate relationship. Within the CMS Wire post, some comments are repproduced regarding SharePoint- Not very flattering-. Those comments were made three or four years ago. Today, the landscape has changed a bit. If you can’t beat ‘em, learn to live with ‘em. Other suppliers, such as EMC, pretty much know what they want to do. This year, EMC has launched a new connector for SharePoint, which allows users to use Documentum as a repository while the users enjoy the SharePoint interface which is already very familiar to them.

…and Athento?
We started working with Nuxeo, considering it an option for many businesses that couldn’ (or didn’t want to) take on all the restrictions which using SharePoint imposes. Years later, we started working with Alfresco, and we found that it was also an option for businesses which placed importance both on collaboration and Enterprise Content Management, but who didn’t want to go with SharePoint. What really changed our minds, however, was the appearance of CMIS, because the standard allowed us to dedicate ourselves to our area: “intelligence” without having to compete with suppliers who are extraordinarily talented at what they do – each with their good points and bad points, being able to bring what those players either couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do, because their strengths weren’t quite as strong. These days, Athento can help Documentum users, just as it does Nuxeo users, and, actually, our capture application can be totally integrated with SharePoint

The lesson here is that you can’t tell users what to use, just like you can’t choose for them. You can recommend what you think is best for the client, but at the end of the day, your work is to give the clients what they need, and what others can’t give them.

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