Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How do businesses use file sharing or storage software?

File-sharing or storage applications as Box or Dropbox have been shown to solve some key issues when working on documents:

  • Accessibility.
  • Sharing and collaborative work.
  • The need to synchronize information when people use several devices.

In my opinion, the success of software as Dropbox, SugarSync or Google Drive lies in those key features.

There are, however, lots of things we don't know about how businesses use this kind of software: What are the main problems for users when working with these apps? Have companies completely embraced their usage? Do users think that these apps can replace ECM or Document Management software?

We're trying to get answers for these questions. That's why we're conducting a  study with users of these kind of platforms. It only will take about 20 seconds to complete the survey. At the end of the survey, we will design a awesome infographic and share it with respondents. Thanks for helping us with this. :)


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